Virtual Reality Therapy
Face your fears in a virtual world within the safe environment of the ThinkWise office.

The only psychologists in Adelaide using Virtual Reality Therapy

ThinkWise have the experience as Clinical Psychologists, and now state of the art technology to help you work through your toughest phobias using Virtual Reality technology.

International technology

The VR software used at ThinkWise has been developed by psychologists, and is used as part of Cogitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) based exposure therapy all around the world.

Scientifically validated treatment

Research has shown virtual reality exposure to be more effective than imaginal exposure for treatment of phobias.
How it Works
Have an assessment by a Clinical Psychologist and then embark on a cognitive behaviour therapy program incorporating virtual reality exposure sessions to treat your phobia. VR technology allows exposure to feared situations in the office environment.

The VR system works with a VR headset, a mobile platform that contains the software to deliver the programs, and the therapist manged computer program to direct the treatment.

1. Discuss

Call Julia, our friendly receptionist, to talk about how we could assist with VR.

2. Book in

Most people benefit from booking in a series of 6 consultations.

3. Assessment

In your initial consult your Clinical Psychologist will complete an assessment.

4. Treatment

Receive your CBT based virtual reality treatment sessions.
Work through it NOT around it.
Don’t let your anxiety guide your decisions in life any longer. Come and receive evidence based treatment with virtual reality techonology
VR treatment for phobias including:
• Fear of flying
• Needle Phobia
• Fear of public Speaking
• Fear of storms
• Fear of darkness
• Fear of heights
• Fear of public transport
• Claustrophobia
• Fear of MRI’s (claustrophobia)
• Social anxiety
• Fear of driving
• Agoraphobia
• Fear of germs


Virtual reality exposure treatment for phobias is time effective treatment as the real life exposure occurs in the therapists office.


Allow yourself to be exposed to your feared stimulus in a gradual and controlled manner through virtual reality.


Allow yourself to be exposed to your feared stimulus in a gradual and controlled manner through virtual reality.


With the assistance of virtual reality technology, overcome your fears and phobias. Learn how to manage your anxiety and break the thinking and behavioural patterns that have maintained your fear.
Take action now!
Let ThinkWise Clinical Psychology help you find the way to overcome your fear and move forward in your life.
Will virtual reality therapy work for you?
Cognitive behaviour therapy, including exposure therapy guided by a Clinical Psychologist, has been shown to be the frontline treatment for Specific Phobias. Virtual reality enhances the exposure therapy thereby improving outcomes.
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy the treatment of choice for phobias

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is well researched and has been shown to be the therapy of choice for the treatment of anxiety and specific phobias. CBT is a directive, focused treatment.

Anxiety treatment requires stopping the cycle of anxious avoidance (we avoid the things we fear). Virtual reality therapy allows our fears to be faced in a safe and controlled way, to allow our fear response to be managed, and allows us to gain mastery over the feared situation.

How does CBT work

Cognitive behaviour therapy works on the premise that emotional distress is caused by our cognitions, and our cognitions drive our feelings and our behaviour.

CBT involves teaching us to understand the way in which our cognitions (thoughts) affect our mood and our behaviour. We are taught to recognise unhelpful thinking patterns and learn ways to reprogram our mind. We are also taught to understad the ways in which our cognitions and feelings drive our actions and choices.

Anxiety is a very common experience, but the reaction we have to feeling anxious is problematic. We naturally avoid situations that cause us to feel uncomfortable emotions (such as anxiety) but this avoidance only perpetuates our anxiety.

By combining CBT with virtual reality exposure, the avoidance patterns can be broken, whilst we learn ways to manage both the physical and mental manifestations of anxiety.

CBT in combination with virtual reality exposure therapy is successful

Research has shown that CBT is more effective for the treatment of specific phobias when combined with exposure therapy. Virtual reality technology allows for accessible exposure therapy.

Try VR to manage your phobia

Virtual reality therapy is accessible and provides graduated exposure to your fears, helping you manage them.

Work to manage your phobia and allow yourself to make choices based on what you want to do, not what your anxiety lets you do.


Anxious avoidance

Stop the cycle of avoiding situations that make you feel axious.

Panic symptoms

Learn cognitive and behavioural strategies to manage your panic.


Manage your anxiety and choose the things you want to do.


Manage your anxiety and improve your overall wellbeing  & quality of life.

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