Meet Sharni Zaknic

Meet Sharni Zaknic

Sharni Zaknic is a clinical psychologist with over 10 years experience working within mental health settings.

Sharni has experience working with clients across the lifespan and extensive experience working with a number of different presentations, most notably, children with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties, adolescents and adults with anxiety disorders (social, OCD, GAD, panic & specific), depression, bipolar affective disorder, PTSD, complex developmental trauma, stress and adjustment issues, anger management, perfectionism, sleep problems, grief and loss, self-esteem issues and relationship difficulties.

Sharni has a special interest in treating clients who have experienced trauma in their life, whether that be from a single incident trauma or more complex, developmental trauma from attachment figures. Sharni uses a gentle approach when treating trauma, she is trained in Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR) along with other evidence-based therapies.

Sharni also has a special interest in treating relationship difficulties, she is trained in Gottman techniques and uses these techniques with both individuals and couples. Sharni is also trained in providing cognitive behavior therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, mindfulness-based therapies and dialectical behavior therapy.

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