Meet Madeline Rowell

Meet Madeline Rowell

Madeline is a Clinical Psychologist who enjoys working with adults and older adults experiencing OCD and specific phobias.

Madeline is able to provide assessment and treatment for a range of mental health concerns across the lifespan, especially adult and older adult clients who may be struggling with physical as well as psychological difficulties.

Maddy also has a special interest in sexual health and dysfunctions; working with transgender/non binary related mental health difficulties; and general gender, sexuality and identity questioning concerns. She has previously worked in a regional sexual health clinic for a number of years. During her time there a large influx of young people seeking information and support regarding the transition process was evident, and she also worked with a number of older adults questioning whether to transition at later stages of their lives.

Maddy also has years of experience working in hospital and health settings and has an interest in helping clients come to terms with and adjust to a range of diagnoses or major changes in their lives brought on by traumatic injury or changes in their health.

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