Meet Madeleine Hayter

Meet Madeleine Hayter

*Currently on Maternity leave
Madeleine is a clinical psychologist with experience in the assessment and treatment of mental health disorders.

She works with clients at every stage of their lifespan and has knowledge and expertise in the treatment of a broad range of psychopathology, including mood and anxiety disorders, trauma, adjustment disorders, and childhood social emotional, behavioural difficulties. She has capacity to see clients under a Medicare Mental Health Care Plan and private health funds, and works flexibly to accommodate the client’s individual needs.

Madeleine is particularly passionate about the assessment and treatment of child social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, and has worked extensively with families to promote child well-being and growth. She has received training in various parenting programs, including the Circle of Security, and is skilled at delivering both individual therapy to children, as well as parent-child relationship therapy and support to caregivers.

Madeleine has also worked within school settings and is highly experienced in administering psychometric and educational tests, such as the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children and the Wechsler Individual Academic Test. She is passionate about supporting children to thrive within the school environment, working with parents, children and school staff to achieve this.

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