Meet Dr Monica Cations

Meet Dr Monica Cations

Monica is a Clinical Psychologist passionate about supporting adults and older adults to achieve their goals.

She works in partnership with her clients to meet life’s challenges and overcome symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma, chronic pain, and other psychological distress. Monica is empathic and flexible, and believes that every person is the expert in their own life and pathway to being well.

Monica has particular interest and expertise in working with older people and people living with chronic pain, including those with chronic illness and their carers. She has many years of experience working with people with dementia and their carers including at Dementia Australia.

Monica is available to support older people to cope with the challenges that late life can bring. Monica combines her clinical work with a research role at Flinders University, where she conducts research into the mental health of older people.

Monica is a member of the LGBTQIA community and enjoys supporting other members of this community.

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